Friday, March 30, 2012

PSAs, LSAs... a-okay?

As we approach the next vote (April 17th and 18th), I've been concerned about the effects on our Network and our initiatives and projects. Many, if not most, of our projects happen within class time, and can be classified as "curricular". If you run a club, then perhaps we should huddle and discuss how you can continue without incurring the wrath of your colleagues.

PSAs (Provincial Specialist Associations), LSAs (Local Specialist Associations) and other Professional Development, are all still acceptable. Pro D must be teacher-initiated, teacher-led (yes, you can have guest leaders,) and voluntary. Your Administration cannot direct you to specific ProD. (Although if they happen to suggest something that you like, by all means, take the suggestion).

Since the Network email list is a closed forum, it may be a suitable place to ask questions and discuss items. If you would prefer a face to face discussion, we could plan another Green Teacher meet-up. Let me know!

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