Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seaview's Garden Story

Hi Laurelei,

Here is my garden story which began almost two years ago. Three Kindergarten/ grade one classes worked together to get an area fenced for an "Exploration Garden".  The children decided they wanted an apple tree in it. One of the children's parents worked for a garden centre which generously donated a beautiful apple tree grafted with five different apples. 

We planted it, watered it and loved it but two weeks later our caretaker found it pulled out by the roots, tossed aside on the grass. We wondered if it would survive the vandalism but we replanted it, watered it and loved it. We tagged the tree with a special message indicating that it belonged to the K/1 classes and needed love and care.The rest of that year it looked very bleak. The child's parent donated a second apple tree herself just so that the children would be sure to have at least one tree the following year. 

I am very happy to report that this spring the original tree grew new buds on one of it's branches and many new branches are beginning to grow. The second tree has survived very well and so far no more vandalism! We have added planter boxes with a variety of plants and grow new ones from seeds. The children delight in their ability to carry water to the trees and plants, pull weeds and generally frolic in the garden. It is a happy place!

Hanna, Vicki and Stefanie

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