Monday, June 25, 2012

The District Carbon Neutral Action Reports (Coquitlam SD43)

Even wonder about the details behind the scenes? 
What are the District's goals and plans? 
What supports are available? 

From the public site, Our Green Future, come the Guiding Principles:

1. Educate students and staff on energy consumption, and our carbon footprint; the Moral Imperative (Improve Student Achievement through Ecological Literacy)
2. Engage staff and students in Climate Action programs of change i.e. reduce environmental impact, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption, paper
3. Support Facilities management of energy saving upgrades and maintenance
4. Promote innovation in design in the implementation of sustainable facilities planning
5. Develop well represented Climate Action Design Team that works closely with the Executive Level "Green Team".

Here's some light summer reading for you - you know you can't resist:

My favourite, though, is the "Activate" page on the District Green sharepoint site. I'm a little biased, since it has my fingerprints all over it, but I like it because it's more "grassroots" than some of the other information.   This page has the potential to be BY teachers, FOR teachers. 

Happy Summer, everyone!

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