Sunday, June 30, 2013

The EECOM conference in Victoria, BC

Happy Summer, Everyone, and Happy 4th Anniversary to the Green Teachers Network! I'd love to hear about your projects, questions, concerns and ProD ideas and suggestions. Use my work email - I do check it over the summer.

I'm drafting this from the EECOM conference in Victoria. EECOM is the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication, and this conference marks its 20th anniversary.

Late June is a really challenging time for a classroom teacher to attend a conference, but the conference moves around the country, so I really wanted to attend while it was relatively close.

The presentations have all been short and dynamic, with most sessions allowing 20 minutes per speaker.On the first day, that meant 6 sessions, a keynote panel and a dinner event with a special invitation for Victoria-area teachers to attend. Thus, the need to blog... I just had to sort through all this new information, and mentally clear space for more to come.

Friday (the day I drafted this) is Field Trip Day. After our morning working groups sessions, we're off to explore! I opted for the UVic and area guided tour with Bill Dancer. I loved every minute of it! We checked on the osprey nest on campus, climbed Mt. Tolmie, watching bird and butterflies with every step (including Turkey Vultures), and walked through Mystic Vale, where we spotted some very out-of-place goldfish. A four hour walking tour was a sharp contrast to a full day of sessions, but totally worth it!

Teaching with passion has been an underlying theme to all of my sessions. It's not in any of the titles, but it's clearly stated by this amazing group of educators; teach with passion - teach YOUR passion, and your students will always benefit from your enthusiasm.

You know you're a tourist when you take pictures of the deer instead of complaining about them.

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