Monday, July 8, 2013

Survey says...

Wow! Thank you so much for the quick, yet thoughtful responses. I see that some of you wanted to change the wording on my questions, and I've been thinking that a format of rate-these-responses would have produced a different type of response, but I'm really happy with what's come in so far.

The results, thus far, have given me a hint about how "teaching green" can grow and evolve in our district. It is clear that teaching sustainable thinking is a bigger influence than any of the other questions that I put to you.

For ProD for the upcoming year, I'm thinking of Metro Vancouver's "Shift Happens" - a great, energizing and fun workshop that will give you lots of new things to think about. I'm also looking into Backyard Biodiversity from Wild BC, although I'm really tempted by Project Wet, also through Wild BC. And I haven't forgotten the surge of interest in touring the Waste Water facilities... 

So... I'm up for setting up something for September... what are your thoughts? Email me!

When September dawns, I'll be asking for a roll call - so many will have changed locations, and I'd like to check in and see how your needs have changed.

Here are the write in responses so far:

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